Thursday, 7 October 2010

To, there and from Grand Central Station.

So as yet from my time in New York I still hadn't been to Grand Central Station,(far better pictures here than what I took!) apparently worth a look!
Yes, it was a nice building, but still just a train station! Am I rubbish for saying that or just honest?
The ceiling was lovely as were the chandeliers, but I did find it hard to get excited by it!
On the way there I took pictures of more buildings, the height and magnitude of some of them is quite overwhelming and I still am not bored of them!
I particularly like the funny face in the 3rd picture here. Funny that he couldn't be seen from one angle, but when I took the picture straight on, there he was!
One my way to meet Wayne for lunch  saw quality sausages! What say's how delicious pork is more than a pig licking it's lips at the thought of the taste of his own kinds flesh?!!

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