Thursday, 28 October 2010

Edinburgh Wedding = Awesomeness!!

So last weekend I had the delight of going to Edinburgh for our friends Chris and Amanda's wedding.
And what a weekend it was.
Traveled down by train with Ben, Neil and Sarah, nice!
Later that evening once we had settled into our apartment (which I totally failed to get any pictures of!) we headed off to the pre-wedding party!!
The venue was great, a place called The Caves. A free bar, great company, Chris's band Furyon playing, all added for a completely wonderful evening! Later that night Chris's dad, Dave, joined him on stage for a few songs, which was very emotional and moving.
Over the course of the night I met lots of Amanda's American pal's and had a blast!
Saturday was spent wandering round the city, and then to Sunday's big event.

The wedding was stupendous and I guess I will never be going to another like it in my time!!
Cheers to the happy and wonderful couple, for not only inviting us, but for introducing us to some truly magical people!
We salute you Mr and Mrs Green. x x x

Saturday, 16 October 2010

My last day, well morning!

My last day in the wonderful city!
I saw these little chaps sleeping soundly in a shop window, ah the sweet things. I did think it was a tiny bit sad though, still they had a lot of admiring looks!
The skies were a little grey and the weather felt like it was turning. A quicl lunch with Ben and then homeward bound, to do the last bits of packing before my journey back to England.
At the airport I sat and had a G&T with a lady who was flying to Malaga from California!! 6 hours to get to New York then from New York to Spain!! Rather her than me.
Then on the flight home.
Now I'm back feeling out of sorts and not knowing what I'm supposed to do with myself!!
I'll keep you posted.

The day before last :(

The day before last was made up of meeting Steve for lunch near his work.
Steve works at Modern Art Conservation where he restores and conserves(!) modern art, (clever/patient toad!).
Lunch was the nicest sandwich ever, if a little too large to consume all of.
The weather was perfect! So perfect in fact that when Steve went back to work I stayed there for an hour or so, just watching the world go by and contemplating life!!
Back to the flat to do some packing, then out to meet Mr. Copperwheat for food and of course, what has become a staple in my New York life, a few drinks!!
A mexican bar was where we ended up. A bottle of beer, glass of wine and two cocktails later and we're off home!
The next day I said to Ben that I shouldn't have drunk so much, his reply "I was just warming up sweetie!!"

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Friends, food, drink and George!

Tuesday was a lazy day, some shopping in town and then a drink with Wayne in the afternoon.
The evening was spent with friends. A lovely meal cooked by Andrew, Jonathan's partner and the wonderful company of George the vocal cat!
More cocktails and wine, but most of all fabulous company!
Thanks for making me feel so welcome. I can't wait to see you all again!

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Oh dear!!

Saturday was going to be a fairly quiet one! 
Went along with the cousins Copperwheat to Harlem for a shoot for their publicity pictures, taken by Jason Mickle, a very talented and creative photographer.
A few glasses of fizzy wine in the early afternoon was where I thought it might end!! Not so.
Heading out into Manhattan we went to this classy joint!! 
After a few cocktails and some food everyone headed their separate directions!
I headed back to Brooklyn to be met by Mr Gayler along Bedford Ave. First stop a rock bar, I had a not so nice fruity beer, which I think Steve ended up drinking on top of his pint! 
Next on to a ubber cool bar, where we sampled too many cocktails. Next thing you know it's 4 in the morning, oops!!
Aren't I too old for that nonsense? No, it was tons of fun, and sometimes it's too easy to forget how to have fun!!
Cheers Steve for a fun evening, glad we're in touch again. x
(I think the deterioration and quality of the pictures really sums up the night!)

The wondrous and slightly phallic Flatiron building!

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Museum of Art and Design

The glorious weather has returned and mighty pleased I am too!
So, on Thursday night me and Mr Copperwheat ended up getting a bit tipsy, listening to music and not going to bed till 2:30!! All unplanned, but great fun.
Much to my surprise I woke at 6am, feeling surprisingly ok and going for a half hour run! Running round the streets of Williamsburg, slightly hazy and listening to my ipod gave me a rejuvenated feeling. The past few days I'd been feeling a bit sad/anxious/mixed emotions about returning to the UK. Obviously I want to see my nearest and dearest, that means you Ben, friends and family, but I will be sad to leave. I feel very at home here and I'm enjoying city life far more than I thought I would. Still I know plenty of people out here, so that equals more trips over! Can't wait.
After my run I headed into Manhattan to The Museum of Art and Design. A real mixture of work was to be seen. The current exhibition there is Dead or Alive - Nature Becomes Art. Really great show, unfortunately no pictures were allowed but you can see plenty on the site, I've added 3 at the bottom of the post, just so you can see what kind of thing was there.

The walk there.

The museum itself! I didn't even realise it looked like that till I did a search. Everything's soooo big!

Some weird ceramic organ/face thing!!
Object made from a gazillion feathers!
Beautiful lighting system. The tiny seeds were placed into led lights.

As well as all of the above I met Ruth Marshall, an Australian artist who has been living and working in New York for the past 17 years! She is part of the open studio's segment at the museum. I was able to chat to her about her work, knitted animal hides! Great work, lovely lady.