Thursday, 7 October 2010

Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow

A trip on the Metro North - Hudson Line, destination Tarrytown, with the walk to Sleepy Hollow.
So the weather got good! I took a trip up state, to Tarrytown. Along the Hudson River and what seem's like a different world to Manhattan! I pass through a place that is completely Yonkers!! - the sound of a cymbal crash.
Tarrytown greeted me with the Village Hall, which doubled as Court Rooms, from what I gather! Disgruntled youths being ushered around and me asking for a tourist information only to be looked at as if I was a loon!!!
A walk up into the heart of Tarrytown, and pleasant it was too. (Speaking of which, Pleasantville is just down the road.) Gorgeous houses in washed out tones, pumpkins on the porches and sunshine all around.
Sleepy Hollow, obviously, was awash with hints of Halloween and beautiful it is too. Then onto Sleepy Hollow Cemetery.
Gorgeous grounds, with only myself seeming to be wandering them. Scorching sunshine, Woody Woodpeckers, (actually turns out it's a Jay!) all around and lunch on a gigantic memorial stone! Utterly perfect, serene and atmospheric! A sheer joy.
On my way to the exit, I witnessed a recently deceased!! No, not a ghost, a squirrel. Perfectly in tact.
I guess he just miss judged that jump! Poor thing, but a real treat to get to see one so close and in such good nick!
Then back to grand Central Station and great reflections in more glorious buildings.


  1. super photo of dead squirrel. I knew you wouldn't let me down. You are on a hat-trick (one week to go). You can do it!! X jt

  2. Lovely pics, looks fab. You should've smuggled that squirell home to be stuffed!