Saturday, 9 October 2010

Museum of Art and Design

The glorious weather has returned and mighty pleased I am too!
So, on Thursday night me and Mr Copperwheat ended up getting a bit tipsy, listening to music and not going to bed till 2:30!! All unplanned, but great fun.
Much to my surprise I woke at 6am, feeling surprisingly ok and going for a half hour run! Running round the streets of Williamsburg, slightly hazy and listening to my ipod gave me a rejuvenated feeling. The past few days I'd been feeling a bit sad/anxious/mixed emotions about returning to the UK. Obviously I want to see my nearest and dearest, that means you Ben, friends and family, but I will be sad to leave. I feel very at home here and I'm enjoying city life far more than I thought I would. Still I know plenty of people out here, so that equals more trips over! Can't wait.
After my run I headed into Manhattan to The Museum of Art and Design. A real mixture of work was to be seen. The current exhibition there is Dead or Alive - Nature Becomes Art. Really great show, unfortunately no pictures were allowed but you can see plenty on the site, I've added 3 at the bottom of the post, just so you can see what kind of thing was there.

The walk there.

The museum itself! I didn't even realise it looked like that till I did a search. Everything's soooo big!

Some weird ceramic organ/face thing!!
Object made from a gazillion feathers!
Beautiful lighting system. The tiny seeds were placed into led lights.

As well as all of the above I met Ruth Marshall, an Australian artist who has been living and working in New York for the past 17 years! She is part of the open studio's segment at the museum. I was able to chat to her about her work, knitted animal hides! Great work, lovely lady.

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