Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Oh dear!!

Saturday was going to be a fairly quiet one! 
Went along with the cousins Copperwheat to Harlem for a shoot for their publicity pictures, taken by Jason Mickle, a very talented and creative photographer.
A few glasses of fizzy wine in the early afternoon was where I thought it might end!! Not so.
Heading out into Manhattan we went to this classy joint!! 
After a few cocktails and some food everyone headed their separate directions!
I headed back to Brooklyn to be met by Mr Gayler along Bedford Ave. First stop a rock bar, I had a not so nice fruity beer, which I think Steve ended up drinking on top of his pint! 
Next on to a ubber cool bar, where we sampled too many cocktails. Next thing you know it's 4 in the morning, oops!!
Aren't I too old for that nonsense? No, it was tons of fun, and sometimes it's too easy to forget how to have fun!!
Cheers Steve for a fun evening, glad we're in touch again. x
(I think the deterioration and quality of the pictures really sums up the night!)

The wondrous and slightly phallic Flatiron building!


  1. you probably are a bit too old. Hope you have a safe journey home, can't wait to take you out on a bender.

  2. No benders for me. I'll be detoxing!! Only kidding. But it's much easier when you don' have anything to do the next day!
    See you soon Mr. Maybe Sunday?!