Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Come back sunshine, I will never complain again, promise!!

So yesterday it rained a lot. I am here with no decent jacket, only a useless, but attractive red cape!!
It's a nice cape, but I did feel a little self concious in it, but hey, I got stopped and told that my outfit was fabulous, so I guess it can't be too out there!!
Anyway, I was going to go to Philadelphia, but the thought of roaming around with no proper coat led me to the decision that I would go on a search for one and maybe head there today. I am still in New York!!
It's still grim weather and I still have no coat!
But instead I went and found Kiosk. It's a store where the owners travel the world finding interesting items and sell them to the American public, oh and on-line! Some items are limited, as you can tell from the crosses, others are continuous. Great idea, great shop!
Someone got 2 items from this page.
Now today I'm off to Grand Central Station, as I've been told it's worth a look. Then to this place as apparently they do great bagels! Then maybe to The Natural History Museum, where if I'm feeling generous will treat myself to a Space Imax cinema experience.
Hard work, but someone's gotta do it!

Popcorn Lid

Stick-Um Candle Adhesive

Mouth Teaching Tool 

Trumpet Kazoo


  1. Space IMAX cinema experience??? I think I would be interested in that!