Friday, 1 October 2010

Golden Gate, Pacific Heights and Fisherman's Wharf

So yesterday I went to Golden Gate Bridge. Well at some points you could have been anywhere as the fog was so thick, but still fantastic. Made even better by having a companion, Alana, an Australian fellow traveller I met whilst lone dining the other evening!
It was mighty cold compared to the rest of San Francisco, but afterwards to warm us up we went to Mel's Diner and ate well. I had to leave half of mine, thought the first half had a lot of chicken in it, this was until I opened the other part to add mustard to discover a whole breast of chicken waiting for me. Too much. Later gave it to a gentleman on the streets in need of food more than I.
Next to the delights of Pacific Heights. Glorious views, beautiful houses and lots of cash.
Onto the complete opposite of taste and style, Fisherman's Wharf! Just as glorious but in a (good) bad way!
Sea Lion colony, Zoltar machines and carousels.
Get back utterly pooped, sushi and salad whilst watching Flight of the Conchord's, which I hadn't realised till now is set in the area I'm staying in Brooklyn!!
Bed and then up ready for my next little adventure.


  1. hello jo - ace photos! Woke up to dark and rain here so really good to see blue blue blue!

  2. glad you're still having fun and finding new company along the way! the photos are amazing!
    love xxx

  3. great photo of a dead seal. more please. thanks for being my follower. i'm rejuvinated. x