Saturday, 2 October 2010

Legion of Honour + Fog = Beautiful and enchanting!

Thursday I went to the Legion Of Honour museum towards the Golden Gate Bridge. As we grew closer on the bus the fog and mist got thicker and thicker! A walk through the park was an enchanting and slightly eerie experience as only 20 minutes previous I had been in Downtown in the midst of beautiful sunshine!!
The museum was a complete treasure of sculpture, ceramics and painting! So many wonderful items to feast your eyes on.
As you may tell from the photo's, the sculpture and ceramics were the things I found most pleasurable.
If you ever go to San Francisco, please go. Also if you go by bus you get $2 off, making it $8 and if you read the back of the ticket you can get into the De Young museum for nought on the same day!! Bargain!!

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