Sunday, 5 September 2010

The Essentials!!

Feeling very hyper!
Packing is more stressful than initially thought.
Especially when it's for 5 and a half weeks.
So many things to remember.
But it's ok, the essentials are packed!
Too many coloured cardigan's to mention, and I'm still missing a purple and black one from the collection!
And of course too many belts to ever wear!
Better leave some room for all those nice goodies I'll be finding whilst away though.
Right, I'm off out for my last country pub lunch before The Big Apple.

Ben's been singing this all morning, lord save me!!
Pardon Me -Maxine Swaby
This is how I'm feeling The Entertainment - Max Tundra.


  1. Have a lovely, lovely time. We will be here when you get back ! xx

  2. Hi Jo,

    Will miss you so.


  3. you can NEVER have to many coloured cardi's or belts! the end.
    ps. your new cape looks fab! xx