Friday, 3 September 2010

So this is where it's at!

Just had my invite through for the Copperwheat show in New York.
Not long now till I'm there.
Getting excited, but scared about the amount of money I'll be spending!
Already spent a fortune on items to take. (See pictures below)
Some essential, others less so!!!

This is an image of one of the floors in Starrett Lehigh Building. The show will take place over 2 hours. Invited guests can come at any point to view the new collection.
According to Ben, the models will be using props, such as bicycles and the like and viewers will be able to meander around the action!

Here are some of my pre-New York purchases.
1 x red cape = essential
1 x Samsung netbook = necessary
1 x Time Out guide (curtesy of Ben, thank you!) = needed
1 x 32 in 1 card reader = begrudgingly bought from Maplins
There are probably so many more needed things than I have thought of, but these are looking like a good place to start.
Oh, I did buy 3 new sketchpads = also essential.

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