Monday, 6 September 2010

1 Sleep till Brooklyn!

Well, this is it. Only one more sleep till I'm in New York.
Very excited to be spending time with my lovely friend out there.
Very proud and pleased for him with all his achievements, he done good!!

Also wanted to say thank you to my lovely husband Ben.
Cheers for not minding that I'm leaving you for nearly a month and a half, for being you and putting up with me!!
Love you. x
Also thanks to my mum and all my lovely buddies that have been so supportive and wonderful to me through some difficult times.
You know who you are! You're the best. x

Beastie Boys - No Sleep Till Brooklyn


  1. have a super safe journey Jo!
    can't wait to hear about your adventures.
    lots of love xxx

  2. I made that up. It's meant to be a tear rolling up out my eye.