Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Hello Williamsburg

Arrived yesterday, New York time 7pm, English time 11pm.
The journey went unexpectedly fast, due to the lovely company or David.
I surprisingly felt pretty good, considering the lack of sleep.
A quick settle in, then out for a few drinks and some food at a local bar.
The bar's food was good, but as David pointed out "there was a lot of people with trendy beards! And that woman singing was annoying". (Correct on both points)
This morning has been lazy, a trip to the local supermarket and then a few chores, I said I'd do for Ben,
one of those watering the plants on his  gorgeous terrace.

It's roasting here, hibernating for a while till it cools slightly.
Then out to see some New York life.
My lovely airport taxi driver!
Amazing light in Ben's apartment.
David watering the plants.


  1. Glad you arrived there safe and sound. That Taxi driver of yours is a of alright! Looking forward to keeping up with your travels. Have fun!

  2. Your lovely taxi driver seems a bit sad. Cheer up, think of the presents !