Thursday, 28 October 2010

Edinburgh Wedding = Awesomeness!!

So last weekend I had the delight of going to Edinburgh for our friends Chris and Amanda's wedding.
And what a weekend it was.
Traveled down by train with Ben, Neil and Sarah, nice!
Later that evening once we had settled into our apartment (which I totally failed to get any pictures of!) we headed off to the pre-wedding party!!
The venue was great, a place called The Caves. A free bar, great company, Chris's band Furyon playing, all added for a completely wonderful evening! Later that night Chris's dad, Dave, joined him on stage for a few songs, which was very emotional and moving.
Over the course of the night I met lots of Amanda's American pal's and had a blast!
Saturday was spent wandering round the city, and then to Sunday's big event.

The wedding was stupendous and I guess I will never be going to another like it in my time!!
Cheers to the happy and wonderful couple, for not only inviting us, but for introducing us to some truly magical people!
We salute you Mr and Mrs Green. x x x

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