Saturday, 16 October 2010

The day before last :(

The day before last was made up of meeting Steve for lunch near his work.
Steve works at Modern Art Conservation where he restores and conserves(!) modern art, (clever/patient toad!).
Lunch was the nicest sandwich ever, if a little too large to consume all of.
The weather was perfect! So perfect in fact that when Steve went back to work I stayed there for an hour or so, just watching the world go by and contemplating life!!
Back to the flat to do some packing, then out to meet Mr. Copperwheat for food and of course, what has become a staple in my New York life, a few drinks!!
A mexican bar was where we ended up. A bottle of beer, glass of wine and two cocktails later and we're off home!
The next day I said to Ben that I shouldn't have drunk so much, his reply "I was just warming up sweetie!!"

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