Thursday, 23 September 2010

Meeting Pico

Yesterday I had the joy of meeting Pico the miniature Chihuahua. 
What an utter joy. So small but with tons of character. 
Not sure how I'd feel about having a dog like this so though, it is smaller than a cat!!
Me and Wayne went to Cookshop for lunch and had a sneaky Watermelon cocktail too, oh and turkey sandwich and fries!! So many chips, hmmmm.
Nice, but I am becoming aware of the development of some back fat!!
Still I've been out running 4 days on the trot and walking more than ever, so not to worry!


Chelsea - Building on the way to Wayne's




  1. Pico is the most adorable DOG ever!!! ....
    He moved to NYC from Dallas Texas with his Dad Chris .... he is spoilt rotten and lives in an amazing apartment downtown..... I kinda want Pico's life.... :-)