Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Coney Island and Central Park

So today I went to Coney Island. I loved it!
It didn't feel like I was experiencing mid September weather, it was glorious. As you can see from the pictures, of which there are plenty.
Who'd have thought that a kitsch and tacky seaside resort would be my cup of tea!!!!
Just wish the fun fair was open! Oh well, maybe next year.
I'm finding that I'm able to negotiate the streets and subway with little effort now, which is a relief!
Tomorrow I think I'll head to the Guggenheim, apparently breathtaking, and then plan the next leg of my trip!
San Francisco, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Phoenix??? Possibly all 4 in that order.
As well as that me and Ben, my host, are planning a weekend trip to Philadelphia.


Central Park


  1. Looks amazing. No, not your cup of tea at all eh ;)