Saturday, 18 September 2010

Bleeding feet!

Soooo much walking, my feet have been bleeding. I thought those Clarks clog's would be comfy!!
To Berry Street for a look at some dogs. Barc is animal shelter that today was having a fund raising event.
Sweet things in need of a home, unfortunately not my home!!
Then a walk over Williamsburg Bridge for great views of Manhattan.
Wondering aimlessly round the streets as I failed to go take either subway or street map = bleeding feet.
Round a friends tonight for wine and cheese. Lovely.
Tomorrow I will breakfast with Jonathan, apparently there's an egg sandwich I've got to try! Then on to this.
Then a quiet afternoon/evening ready for the week ahead.
Coney Island calls as does Wave Hill.

Buildings round Bedford Ave.

View from Williamsburg Bridge. Amazing!

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